Sunday, October 3, 2010

Aag Ka Gola

That night, it was raining heavily. We stay on the 7th floor in a new building. No other buildings blog oops!! block our view till dur dur tak. We were enjoying the rain. That is the rain rhythm.- Incidentally, that's the name our building.- Suddenly, i and my daughter see a Big lump of fire cruising the skies in front of us. My daughter says, aai, see there is fire in the sky coming towards us. it will come through our window. Quick close the window. But we are so fascinated by the sight that we just watch.. As it comes closer, daughter says aai, its a ET!! But alas, as we watch further, it turns out that, that the aag ka gola is actually the lights of a aeroplane trying to land in Pune airport. As it being cloudy, All its head lights were turned on. And from it seemed just like a fire ball floating in the skies.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gauri Ganapati

Just back from Nagpur where i had gone to attend the Gauri i.e. Mahalaxmi Festival. It is a very interesting and religious occassion. I had gladly worn the sovla. which is wearing all new clothes. On wearing it you are not supposed to touch anybody or anything. These clothes are worn while preparing delicious prasad for the Gauri.

This Mahalaxmi festival lasts for three days. On the first day, we assemble the Gauris and their children in a well decorated room. There are two of them. One is the elder sister (Jyeshtha) and the other one is called the (Kanishtha) that is the younger sister. The statues of the goddesses are decorated with gold ornaments of the ladies of the home. They are decked up with beautiful sarees as well.

The next day pooja is performed. We i.e the ladies woke up at around 5.30 am on to make preparations for the prasad. Do you want to know the menu of the day? It is really finger liking delicious. Puran Polis,  mixed dal wadas, kadhi, kheer 16 types of vegetables are prepared. 8 types of salads (Koshimbirs) are required to be made.
After the pooja we say a lot of aartis.
Then the guests are served. The ladies of the house eat the last. Sometimes the whole day goes in serving people as many come to take darshan and nobody is sent khali pet.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hurray!!! Today i have started my own blog. My daughter says, "Aai tula he jamnar nahi. Tu rahu de. Mi tila mahnen bagh mi karu shakle." "Kelyane hot ahe re adhi kelechi pahije. Nice lazy sunday morning.. Can see mountains faar away from my balcony on 7th flloor  in Pune. Hot idlis are ready in the cooker for breakfast. Navra gelay snanala. toparyant mhatle lihun ghyave. nahi tar to pan mala mhanel mona tu he kai ata navin suru kelay..